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Frequently Asked Questions

A:  WASTELINQ is hosted on Amazon Web Services.

A:  The data stored in WASTELINQ, including documents, are backed up daily.

A:  If the “Add an Order” button is missing it is likely that information in the Generator Data tab is missing.  Both a Primary Contact and a Customer Bill To must be associated with the account in order to create an order. Return to the Generator Data tab to update this information.

A:  Ensure that all required fields are completed, including all fields on the Processing Detail tab. If all required fields are completed, ensure that at least one Approval # Status in the Profile Disposal Facility detail table is set to “Approved.”


A:  A profile must have an Approved profile status to be added to an order.  If there are multiple approvals for a profile, only those with an approved status can be added to an order. 

A:  Yes, products and services code may be moved to the spot on the service profile corresponding to the location where you would like it displayed on the order. Click and hold the mouse button while hovering over the products and services code that you would like to move. Drag the item to the correct space and release the button. Click save or save and next to complete the save.

Products and services codes may also be dragged and dropped within the order.

A:   For data integrity purposes, WASTELINQ does not allow two users to access the same generator account at the same time.  A red lock will appear by the account name.  To determine which user is in the account, hover your mouse over the lock and the user will be displayed.

A: Yes, hold down the Ctrl key and select the documents to upload.