Frequently Asked Questions

A: All required fields must be complete for the page to save the data. Required fields are marked with a red asterisk. 

A: Yes. E-Mail notification preferences can be set up in the contacts table of the settings/configurations by clicking on the contact and checking the boxes for the necessary notifications.

Add Contact

A: Yes. On a shipment, there is the option to check a box to “Email request to TSDF” and “Email request to Transporter.”


A: Documents must be printed through the shipment before they will show in the documents section. To print the documents in the shipment, click on “Save and Print Shipment Document.” Check the boxes for the documents you want to print and click “Print.” Now the documents may be viewed in the document’s module.

Documents Module

A: Once a shipments status is changed to reconciled and saved, a pop-up window will open and give the option to upload the final manifest, final BOL, final Land Ban, or any other final documents. The user may also click on the document’s module, find the shipment they are dealing with, and upload any final documents there as well.