— Features and Benefits —


WASTELINQ Enterprise provides all of the functionality of WASTELINQ Generator, with a much broader scope of features and benefits to help Industrial Waste Service Providers (TSDFs, Brokers, Transporters, Consultants, etc.) operate their business across an unlimited number of customers.


Service Profiles help you better understand your customers’ service requirements so that you may provide better, more effective onsite service to your clients. Capture and use data such as approved vendor lists, waste profiles and pricing, and disposal and/or transportation restrictions, etc. to make sure your customer service and operations department has all the information needed to best serve your clients.


Print and scan all necessary paperwork and labels to have access to all documentation needed to best serve your industrial waste generator clients. Final manifest copies, waste shipment summaries, signed profile documents, etc. are all a few clicks away to help you better share important information with your customers.


Manage an entire portfolio of waste profiles from a broad base of customers from single or multiple locations; with pricing, renewal and shipment history information.


Centralized order management systems allow your customer service, operations and sales department to all be on the same page with your clients. Manage transportation and disposal schedules, use shipment histories to proactively schedule client shipments, categorize your revenue into fields that fit your business metrics, and track orders through stages all the way through to order reconciliation and billing.


Using a barcode tracking system Wastelinq Broker allows service providers to track individual containers from cradle to grave. Get alerts for containers that are approaching your 10 day limit, have real time inventory with instructions for grading, weighing and inspecting containers. Built for complex packaged waste requirements, the Wastelinq Broker waste tracking system can handle package waste, bulk waste and lab packs for a complete waste tracking solution.


Build inbound and outbound shipments from existing orders and inventories. Gather decision making data that helps you minimize your transportation expense and burden, and maximize your ability to serve your clients.


Manage projects from start to finish, with the ability to provide project cost tracking and consolidated invoicing, etc.


Make better operational decisions and use actual data to help you better understand your business. Evaluate profitability down to the order level. Use one of the many customizable financial reporting models to help you move your business in the right direction.

Ready to take control of your industrial waste business?