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Developed by a team of highly experienced waste industry professionals, the WASTELINQ application incorporates nearly 15 years of software development into a single application that provides complete waste management solutions while allowing waste generators to develop and maintain a compliant and efficient waste management plan that is easily utilized in both field and office settings. Whether you’re a skilled RCRA expert or new to the waste industry, the WASTELINQ application gives generators the ability and guidance to manage internally what is typically outsourced to a vendor at a significant cost.


The dashboard feature provides a concise view of scheduled activities, alerts users of needed action items and provides graphical data representations of key performance indicators that are part of your waste management plan. Quantifying the types of waste generated, tracking waste expenses and volumes by TSDF, waste characterization and waste type are just some of the dashboard features that help you measure your progress towards your waste management goals and directives.

Wastelinq cloud-based waste management for waste management companies
Schedule & Notifications

Have you generated enough hazardous waste in a calendar month to affect your EPA Generator Status? Have you performed your facility inspections? Did you get your final manifest copy back from the TSDF?

WASTELINQ Schedule and Notifications capabilities help you manage your waste generation data and responsibilities to keep you in compliance with both state and federal regulatory agencies.

Wastelinq cloud-based waste management for chemical waste disposal

Proper waste classification, is a key aspect of an effective and compliant waste management plan. WASTELINQ walks you through each step to a proper classification of your waste characterization and compiles the information into a fully loaded waste characterization folder that will impress any environmental professional. WASTELINQ gives waste generators the ability to take back control of the waste buying experience by giving waste generators the tools and information they need.

Wastelinq cloud-based waste management for waste profile 

Understanding exactly what you have in inventory and/or knowing what business unit it came from is a common problem for environmental professionals. WASTELINQ has both desktop and mobile capabilities to track the management of waste from the point of generation to final disposition. Better inventory management practices significantly improve your overall waste management costs and WASTELINQ is the tool to help you reach your savings objectives.

Wastelinq waste management software for industrial waste management

WASTELINQ facilitates more accurate and timely waste shipment information with your waste vendor of choice. This saves waste generators more money than one would realize. Minimize transportation demurrage, communicate more accurate information with your waste vendors, prepare your own inventories for shipments, cut down on label and documentation costs; all because you now possess a tool that allows you to do this for yourself.

Wastelinq waste management software for hazardous waste management

As all environmental professionals know, if you don’t document your inspections and training, it never happened. Inspecting the 90-day hazardous waste storage areas, making sure your personnel has the appropriate training to sign a uniform hazardous waste manifest and making sure that your waste management staff has the necessary information to perform its job duties safely are just a few examples of capabilities offered as part of the WASTELINQ Inspection and Training Modules.

Wastelinq waste management software for waste management application

How much did you spend last year on hazardous waste and what volumes did you ship? How much do you spend with each vendor? WASTELINQ does all of this for you using your waste shipment data. Understanding what you shipped, when you shipped it, how it was packaged, how frequently it was shipped and to whom it was shipped is an extremely powerful negotiating tool. Having access to the type of data that the WASTELINQ application provides saves waste generators a significant amount of money every year.

Wastelinq waste management software for energy waste

Document management is a key aspect of any good waste management plan. WASTELINQ coordinates proper document management for waste characterization folders, profiles, manifests, LDRs, and other documentation requirements.

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