Case Study: Texas Tank Works Uses WASTELINQ to Lower Costs and Fuel Growth

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April 23, 2019

Create Competitive Advantage through Responsible Waste Management Practices

In the oil rich Permian Basin of west Texas, more than 2,500 transporters haul 2 million barrels of oil each day. Much of that traffic, as many as 7,000 trucks per day, travels along the busy interstate 20 corridor that passes through Midland, carrying both oil and the chemicals and tools needed to extract it from one of the most productive fields in the world.

That traffic means a busy schedule for Texas Tank Works (TTW), a full-service tank wash located in Colorado City, just east of Midland. Texas Tank Works was founded in 2017 to meet the growing demand for quality tank cleaning in the area. Operating out of a three-bay facility that features a Gamajet tank cleaning system, a fenced yard, and plenty of room for trailer storage, Texas Tank Works has grown quickly, averaging 8 washes per day. A critical part of TTW’s growth strategy is responsible waste management practices. TTW’s chief operating officer Chuck McDonald explains, ” we’ve developed a process that keeps the waste water to a minimum. We understand the important considerations surrounding all environmental concerns. Our process produces an effluent that meets the environmental standards set by the EPA and the local Publicly Owned Treatment Works.”

Ensuring compliance with those standards would ordinarily mean hiring a full-time environmental compliance officer or engaging a third-party to profile, characterize, and document the waste generated at TTW’s facility. As a thriving small business, that sort of investment is beyond TTW’s current financial reach. Instead, TTW turned to WASTELINQ, a technology company founded and run by waste industry service experts that builds innovative technology solutions. A cornerstone of WASTELINQ’s business approach is sharing its deep, industry-specific experience and technical expertise to help customers manage waste efficiently and effectively. Director of Sales Sean Easton describes WASTELINQ’s strategy as “providing service as a software company first. We’re a service company first. Software just happens to be the way we deliver that service.”

WASTELINQ helped TTW to deploy WASTELINQ Generator, a complete waste management solution that enables generators to manage internally many functions that are typically outsourced at significant cost. These functions include profiling and characterizing waste, scheduling waste shipments, managing inventory, and reporting. With WASTELINQ Generator, TTW’s operating personnel can profile, charactirize, and document waste themselves, saving them the expense of hiring an environmental compliance officer or engaging a consultant. “I can basically get all of my compliance needs met for less than 5% of the cost of hiring or going external,” observes McDonald.

Customers also benefit from WASTELINQ Generator’s robust inventory management capabilities. Regulators often hold generators responsible for waste from creation to disposal, meaning that it’s critical for a generator to understand what happens to its waste at every point in its lifespan. With WASTELINQ Generator, TTW can assign product heel from a customer’s trailer to a specific drum and track that drum’s movements all the way to the disposal site. WASTELINQ’s Easton explains the value of this capability, “They can provide cradle-to-grave documentation to clients, which is a key competitive advantage.”

TTW continues to grow, with plans to open at least two new facilities in the next 18 months. As TTW scales, WASTELINQ will scale with them. With corporate capabilities that enable multi-facility management, WASTELINQ Generator allows TTW to be confident that its commitment to responsible waste management practices, and to the bottom line benefits those practices bring, will only increase in the future.

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