WASTELINQ is a web-based waste management software solution for all aspects of a complete waste management plan.

Developed by a team of highly experienced waste industry professionals, the WASTELINQ application incorporates nearly 15 years of software development into a single application that provides complete waste management solutions while allowing waste generators to develop and maintain a compliant and efficient waste management plan that is easily utilized in both field and office settings. Whether you’re a skilled RCRA expert or new to the waste industry, the WASTELINQ application gives generators the ability and guidance to manage internally what is typically outsourced to a vendor at a significant cost.

WASTELINQ ENTERPISE provides all of the functionality of our Generator version, with a much broader scope of features and benefits to help Industrial Waste Brokers, Consultants and Disposal Facilities operate their business across an unlimited number of generator customers.


Professional Services Offered

Currently, WASTELINQ offers the following professional services:

  • Custom Development
  • Initialization Services
  • Data Mapping
  • Technical Support
  • Help Desk
  • Specialized Training


How to Contact Us

You can direct questions by emailing us at info@wastelinq.com or by letter to WASTELINQ at 8901 Jameel Rd. Suite 180, Houston, TX 77040, Attention: Administrator.  Please include name and email address in email requests, or name and postal address in mail requests.